Project | Tripaya: reiventing search engines

Portugal is not only establishing itself as a destination, but it is also home for some great tourism companies and start-ups. Today I would like to tell you a little bit about Tripaya.

Tripaya would be just another online search engine available for tourists, if it wasn’t for André Ramos’, the founder a creator of the company, will to find a solution for his own struggles when trying to plan his vacations. Creating Tripaya was the answer! 


Explaining it in a simple way, Tripaya is the solution for people who do not want to waste too many time and energy  planning their holidays. This website arises as an alternative for the “traditional” method composed by: choosing when we want to go on holidays, followed by the choice of destination, then deciding the best transportation to get there, booking a house or a hotel and looking for places to go and things to do. All these steps normally involve hours of search and imply reading a tone of websites, in order to compare opinions and prices. 

With Tripaya you just need to set a budget for your trip, the kind of holidays you are looking for – Beach, Snow, Romance, Family, Nightlife, Culture, New Year’s Eve, Christmas Markets or Pokemon Go -, the city where your journey starts, the dates when you want to travel and how many people are going on the trip. If it sounds like it is too much, you can opt to only set a budget and the kind of trip you desire and the website will do the rest of the work  for you!



But, how is it possible? Well, Tripaya does a search on every accommodation and flights websites (such as booking or skyscanner, for example) and presents the user with the best price available for his/hers wishes. The results will show up on a map with a column with different destination suggestions sorted by price, distance to where you are leaving from, weather or ranking, on the left side. 


Once you decided which destination to choose, click on “View Deal” and another tab will appear giving the user the possibility to learn more about the city, to change the flights and also to change the accommodation. Sure, this changes will increase the price, but at least there is the possibility to personalise the trip more to your taste!

And that is how Tripaya makes holidays planning easier! It gets together all the information available online in one place, while also trying to  suggest appealing and uncommon destinations. 

Besides all these amazing features, Tripaya also has a pretty neat and user friendly design. It is not only nice to the eye, but also very intuitive! 

Give it a try: (Available Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish and Japanese)





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